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A couple of years ago, I inherited a suitcase full of old photographs. 80% of these beautiful old photographs are without names or dates. It is my intention that by placing them on this website, their identity will be revealed so the photos and their names may live on forever. The photographs include individuals that lived in or around the Maitland, Newcastle and Hunter Valley area. (although there are some photos from Sydney and Tweed Heads.) The date range is between 1855 to 1940.

The suitcase belonged to my grand father, Bethel Ormand Stace. His parents were Arthur William STACE (Son of Henry William STACE & Ellen WILKS) and Rhoda Emily MUNTON (Daughter of William MUNTON and Mary Ann McCORMACK.) His first wife was Thelma Irene LANE. I believe that the photos are connected to the STACE, MUNTON, WILKS, McCORMACK, ELLIOTT, LANE and HOWLAND family. They lived in the Newcastle, Maitland, Buchanan, Buttai Creek, Morpeth, and Largs area of the Hunter Valley.

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The photographs are seperated into a number of sections;

1. Munton Family

2. Oldfield Family

3. Palmer Family

4. Stace Family

5. Unknown Boys & Girls

6. Unknown Men & Women


On the 15th of May 2008, I attended Parramatta Antique Centre and purchased an old photo album. Within album were 32 Photographs that originate from Newcastle, Geelong and Durham in England. I officially classify these as "Orphaned Photos" as I have no idea who the photos belong to. The Antique dealer indicated that the items came from a deceased estate in High Street, Maitland. He is unsure, but believes that it may have came from the Arnott family. Hopefully a researcher may recognise the beautiful old portraits. They can be observed in the below link;

A. Unknown Photo Family Album

On the 8th of June 2008, I attended Coliseum Antiques on Maitland Road in Mayfield, Newcastle. Within a glass cabinet was a collection of cartes de visite portraits from the Newcastle and Wallsend area. I purchased these photos, which hold no identifying features. I officially classify these as "Orphaned Photos." Maybe a fellow researcher will recognise these images. They can be observed in the below link;


B.  Unknown Collection from Coliseum

Please look through almost 230 lovely photos and enjoy the historical times of my unknown relatives. I have also recently added photographs that have been sent to me by other researchers. It is great to see the album slowly expanding.  If by chance, you recognise a photograph, I would love to hear from you. Happy Viewing and Happy Hunting.

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FAMILY TREE I have been researching my family tree for many years now. With the many years of hard work I have connected over 6800 individuals to my family tree. I am passionate about genealogy and enjoy the detective work involved. I have attached extensive pedigree history and charts for the family trees which dominant my time.

1) The STACE family are descended from Bounty Immigrants and settled down in the Largs, Morpeth, Maitland and Taree area.

2) The OLDFIELD family are descended from a Yorkshire convict and spread out through the Paterson, Clarencetown and Maitland area.

3) The LANE family are descended from a Devonshire ship captain and settled down in Newcastle after a brief stay in Melbourne.

4) The MUNTON family are descended from English and Irish convicts and settled down in Buchanan after a few years in Newcastle. (This page is only half complete as of May 08)

5) The PALMER family came from parts unknown and settled down in the Sydney area. 

If you are connected or are interested in what you see on this site, please contact me and we can promote the exchange of information and ideas. Please send replies to Jon at; 

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